Preparing & Upload

Preparing The Graphics

Few things to keep in mind while working on your file.

1. Color Mode

All colors must be provided in CMYK Color
(Use the GRACoL CMYK profile for the most accurate results.)
Please Use 16 Bits / Channel Mode

2. Resolution

150 DPI .
Please Download the template for any of the products and design to scale,  Nearly all of our templates are built at 100%.  (Very large products are built at 25%.)

 3. Preparing Text

Text should always be vector (not pixels) for
highest quality output. Fonts must be embedded or converted to outlines.
Artwork with missing fonts will be rejected.

4. Visibility

Only leave final artwork visible.
If you don’t want it to print, then it must be on a layer with visibility turned off. Make sure the template layer is turned off.

 5. Acceptable File Format

This is the only format that is acceptable if you are going to use DisplayMembers’s direct upload (see below for instruction)

If your gonna share your artwork to us , we do accept a flattened (.tiff)or a Created Outlined (.PDF) document.

Uploading Artwork

Our Preferred Method

Direct Uploading

Once you’ve placed an order on our website, Please follow these steps. Upload Your Artwork Directly To

  • Login to your account
  • Click on your Orders
  • Click on the Order Number
  • Click on
  • Upload Your Artwork and follow the directions

Transfer Files

Your can use one of the following
FREE Services to send over your artwork.

Direct Upload

Please send us an email regarding the Artwork your uploading.

Your Display Member Order Number
Your PO #  (If available)
Your Company / Contact information