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Direct Upload




Once you’ve placed an order on our website, Please follow these steps. Upload Your Artwork Directly To DisplayRabbit.com


  • Login to your account
  • Click on your Orders
  • Click on the Order Number
  • Uplaod Your Artwork and follow the directions

Acceptable Artwork File Format


If your Uploading directly to DisplayRabbit.com
Please Upload Your Artwork only using the following file format.


Format             JPG  ( ONLY )
Resolution       150 dpi
Color Mode      CMYK
File Size           Up to 350 (MB) If your file is larger than 350MB.

Transfer Files




Your can use one of the following FREE Services to send over your artwork.


Please send us an email reguarding the Artwork your uploading.

  • Your DisplayRabbit Order Numer
  • Your PO #  (If available)
  • Your Company / Contact inforamtion


DisplayRabbit - Send Files Using - WeTransfer.com

DisplayRabbit - Send Files Using FireFox Send